Why Eclipse Distribution

3 of 15 reasons why Eclipse Distribution is the best place to buy blankets from.


Largest selection of blankets on the internet
With over 1000 blankets listed online for you to browse through and purchase we proudly sport the largest selection of Korean Style “Mink” Blankets anywhere on the internet. We carry baby blankets all the way up to king size and specialty blankets such as movie and Disney characters.
Real-time online inventory
Our website reflects our Warehouse inventory. Immediately when a product becomes out of stock it automatically is displayed as such on our website. Viewable from every product page you will see an in or out of stock by each product. Also you may choose to browse through all our blankets or simply the ones we have in stock. In-stock blankets are always dispayed at the begining of each catagory making it easy to see the in-stock blankets first. With the popularity of Korean style “mink” blankets it’s important to know what is available to you.
Competitive pricing / qty pricing
With our huge selection of Korean style “mink” blankets we can offer you the most competitive pricing and even quantity pricing based on the amount of money you spend.

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