2 New Wholesale Blanket Shipments Arrived!

New shipments of queen, twin, cartoon, NFL and baby cartoon have arrived just in time for Easter. Are you stocked and ready for Easter shoppers? Fill those shelves and get a discount on our SE Select signature blankets, on sale now. Regularly 29.90 now 25.00. Get yours today!

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New Wholesale Mink Style Blankets Have Arrived!

dawgs_of_war longhorn_flag sigwolfpack on_the_move_horse_lodge peacock_beigeg2776 dreamcatcher_wolf tiedyepeace loveweedleaf tiedyeleavesleaf frograinforesthangout frogs_g528md winter_spirit_buffalo palmtreeg2600 g2955calalillybrown unicorng014 soaringeagle_g532lg moonlight_buck blue_butterflies_805lg wolfyelloweyes802 318_wolf

Christmas in July Sale Ends Friday!


We have something for everyone of every age with over 420 Blanket Designs In-stock Now! King, Queen, Twin, Throw & Baby. Back to school shoppers are shopping now. Year ’round school starts now. College bound youth are preparing to go out on their own. #1 item on the list – Bedding! Click Here to See The Last Shipment! View all 3 pages! Click here for a quick glance of all blankets currently in stock!  You can see LIVE inventory updated instantly every time we receive a new shipment or sell out of an item. Simply click on the size at the top of the screen to view other sizes. Everything is sorted by price so make sure you scroll down.


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5 of 10 Reasons To Order Today:

  1. Camping and Hunting Season – Durable blankets are a must
  2. Summer Tourist & Vacationers – looking for souvenirs
  3. Back to School – End July to September – College dorm rooms
  4. Labor Day –  Sept 9th – Shoppers looking for souvenirs and back to school
  5. Great gifts for any occasion – Birthdays, Holidays, Wedding, Anniversary

Order by email, fax, phone at 801-280-6200 or
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Spring into Savings. $300 Off Your Wholesale Order – 2 Days Only! Call 801-280-6200

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Offer ends May 20th. Order online or by phone 801-280-6200 ext 23

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For a limited time receive:
$300 off $3,000 order
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Expendable Cash Coming Your Way

With this years wholesale and retail sales similar to last January, not only ours but most of our resell customers as well, we have a greater outlook for the rest of the year. Don’t get lost in small up and downs that come when selling in every market. While fourth quarter sales in 2015 were higher than the previous year, it does not always indicate a higher first quarter for the following year.

We have all felt the struggle of the economy over the last 8-10 years. The fluctuations are unpredictable at times. We have seen many companies and banks close their doors. How do you and I survive in such trying times? It takes risk and innovation but most of all, knowing who your customers are, what they want and offering great customer service. Your customers are the bottom line and bread and butter of every business across America.

With that said we have all experienced a better Holiday season the last quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 looks bright. With the combination of lower gas prices, lower unemployment numbers and higher expendable cash flow your customers are willing to splurge on those most wanted luxury items and most needed basics.

Types of expendable cash coming your way ranges. It comes in the forms of less spent on gas, Christmas cash gifts, tax refunds and higher wages from more people employed in the home. Holiday shoppers and weekend vacationers are coming your way with spending in mind. Be prepared and stock your shelves with the top selling merchandise for the upcoming holidays.

Top reasons your customers buy in the first quarter of 2016:

  • Low Gas Prices – Extra spending cash available
  • Spring Cleaning/Re-Decorating SeasonBedding sells fast
  • Tax Return Season Now through May -Extra Spending Money
  • St Patrick’s DayMarch 17th
  • Easter – March 27th
  • Mothers Day – May 8th
  • Tourist & Vacationers – looking for souvenirs
  • Great gifts for any occasion – Birthdays, Holidays, Wedding, Anniversary

With you in mind, we have been stocking only the top sellers in each category while giving you a wide price range to offer your customers. We have over 450 blanket designs in stock with a wide range of design, size, price and quality so you can supply your customers with the best selection and service.

We receive new shipments of wholesale merchandise and wholesale blankets frequently. Usually at least once a week we have new arrivals and restocks coming in to keep you supplied through every season. View our latest shipment online at http://www.EclipseDist.com, calling 801-280-6200 or by clicking here.

3 New Wholesale Mink Blanket Shipments have Arrived!

Fall is here and brings with it the holiday season. Blanket shipments are now arrived one or two times a week minimum so we are stocked for your holiday shoppers.

Arrived Yesterday:

Pictures Prod_cd Description
  0100-04-01-03-007 BL- Q Signature- Bear Ct- 10 Black Bears
  0100-04-01-27-014 BL- Q Signature- Wolf Ct- Indigo Wolf
  0100-04-01-27-017 BL- Q Signature- Wolf Ct- Running Wolves
  0100-04-01-27-022 BL- Q Signature- Wolf Ct- Harmony of Wolves
  0100-04-01-02-014 BL- Q Signature- Animal Ct- Alaskas Wildlife
  0100-04-01-09-029 BL- Q Signature- Dolphin Ct- Sea Turtles
  0100-04-01-10-011 BL-Q Signature- Dragon Ct- Silver Dragon
  0100-04-01-37-005 BL- Q Signature- Western Ct- Bull Rider
  0100-04-01-02-016 BL- Q Signature- Animal Ct- 5 Big Cats
  0100-04-01-32-001 BL- Q Signature- Giraffe Ct- 3 Giraffes
  0100-04-01-34-013 BL- Q Signature- Skull Ct- Dinos
  0100-04-01-26-043 BL- Q Signature- Tiger Ct- Cats
  0100-04-01-26-054 BL- Q Signature- Tiger Ct- Penfound Tiger
  0100-04-01-27-053 BL- Q Signature- Wolf Ct- Penfound Wolf
  0100-04-01-38-004 BL- Q Signature- Frog Ct- Peace Frogs
  0100-04-01-16-038 BL- Q Signature- Horse Ct- Unicorn Castle
  0100-04-01-20-013 BL- Q Signature- Panda Ct- Panda Retreat
  0100-04-01-17-076 BL- Q Signature- Indian Ct- Peace Pipes
  0100-04-01-17-087 BL- Q JQ Signature- Indian Ct- Lodge Series
  0100-04-01-08-038 BL- Q JQ Signature- Deer Ct- Moose Lodge
  0100-04-15-00-064 BL- Q DGA Signature- Jaded
  0100-04-15-00-073 BL- Q DGA Signature- Guardian Angel
  0100-04-01-46-003 BL- Q DGA Signature- Car Ct- Ride or Die Biker Babe
  0100-04-15-00-037 BL- Q- Marilyn Monroe – Pink Fishnet
  0100-04-15-00-030 BL- Q- Marilyn Monroe – White Dress
  0100-04-15-00-048 BL- Q- Marilyn Monroe – How to Marry Millionaire Red
  0100-04-15-00-006 BL- Q- Tupac R.I.P.
  0100-01-08-07-083 BL- P F 50×60- Signature 12 White Tigers
  0100-01-08-07-084 BL- P F 50×60- Signature Pitbull
  0100-01-08-07-085 BL- P F 50×60- Signature 9 Deer
  0100-01-08-07-086 BL- P F 50×60- Signature Hunting Buckley Deer
  0100-02-07-00-235 BL- CRTN 60X80- Batman Emblem
  0100-02-07-00-241 BL- CRTN 60X80- Superman Shield
Pictures Product Id Number Description
  0100-04-01-17-102 BL- Q MIL- Indian Ct- Kokopelli Dark Brown 486
  0100-04-01-14-145 BL- Q MIL- Floral Ct- 5203-4 Floral Beige
  0100-04-01-16-046 BL- Q MIL- Horse Ct- 1312 Horse & Colt
  0100-04-01-34-041 BL- Q DRA- Skull Ct- JQ Jolly Roger Flag Signature Select
  0100-04-01-09-037 BL- Q MIL- Dolphin Ct- Dolphin 637
  0100-04-01-26-071 BL- Q MIL- Tiger Ct- Tiger 1311
  0100-04-01-16-045 BL- Q MIL- Horse Ct- 1414 Horse
  0100-04-01-34-036 BL- Q MIL- Skull Ct- Tree Camouflage Camo B3251
  0100-04-01-13-064 BL- Q SF-2/DOL- Flag Ct- Confederate/Rebel Flag
  0100-04-01-08-044 BL- Q MIL- Deer Ct- Doe & Buck 896
  0100-04-01-03-017 BL- Q JQ Signature- Bear Ct- JW- Grizzly Bear G2411
  0100-04-01-36-019 BL- Q Nu Trendz Signature- Leaf Ct- Chicko Leaf
  0100-04-01-17-030 BL- Q DRA- Indian Ct- Southwest Design Turquoise
  0100-05-21-11-017 BL K- TOR- Native Ct- Southwest Blue 487
  0100-04-15-00-050 BL- Q- Nu Trendz- Marilyn Monroe – Money Shot

Disney & Cartoon Mink Blankets Wholesale

New cartoon blankets coming this year have been announced. Marvel & Disney availability is changing. New designs coming are Avengers, Spiderman and Star Wars. Many other designs are going to be retired for a few years or longer. A few of the blanket manufactures have announced they are not making cartoon blankets or are discontinuing many designs. What does this mean for you? If there are specific designs or characters you sell a lot of and want for the Christmas season buy them now. They will not be available later this year. We heard this information about 4 months ago and have tried to stock up but supplies are harder to come by. Some Disney characters are already sold out by the manufacture and discontinued. Since these designs won’t be available you will have the exclusive this holiday season and you will have firm market prices. Don’t wait until it is too late. Don’t miss this opportunity and use the advance notice to your advantage.

Cartoon designs have been a staple in the market year after year. Disney character blankets in general are always a good investment because of the Disney market share and movie re-releases year after year for 60 years. Mickey Mouse, for example, still sells after 60 years. Winnie the Pooh Bear & Princess blankets have been selling for over 12 years. Most fall in love if they weren’t before after visiting a Disney Park or Disney Vacation. This makes their brand sell-able year round.

Other cartoon character blankets that are hot right now are super heroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Transformers and others have been steady year after year for over 12 years. With our stock of over 50 cartoon blanket designs you can’t go wrong.

Check our available wholesale blanket stock of cartoon designs by clicking here. Our website displays live inventory that is updated in real time as we sell and receive merchandise. Check back frequently or call 801-280-6200 then press 0 for immediate help.