What is a Korean Style Mink Blanket?

What is a Korean Style Mink Blanket?
A Korean Style Mink Blanket is not made from mink or any other animal. It is a printed high pile polyester or acrylic/polyester blend blanket It gets its name from the furry, plush soft texture that feels similar to mink fur. They do not shed, bleed, fade and are machine washable. They are durable and will last from 5-20 years depending on the quality and thickness.

Not all Mink blankets are made in Korea. Some are made in China, Mexico and a few other countries. The most common mink blankets are made in Korea or China. Be aware that the country that they are made in does not make the quality better or worse. There is a common myth that blankets made in China are thin or cheep. China manufactures have invested in new looms and make comparable if not better blankets in some cases.

To determine quality you need to compare thickness (weight), blend, sheen and texture. There are some manufactures in China that continue to make the thinner cheaper Blankets. The thinner China blankets can be as thin as 1.5 KG. The thinner China blankets will not last more than 1-3 years. Please be aware we at EclipsDist.com do not carry the 1.5 KG China blankets. The most common weight sold today is 2.5KG-3.0KG. If you were in Korea during the war the common weight was 5.5KG or thicker We do carry 2.5KG-5.5KG mink style blankets.

Our mink blankets are generally allergy free and great for the whole family. We carry from crib size all the way up to king size.

Get yours today at http://www.EclipseDist.com


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